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Is YaSM 'ITIL lite' or 'lean ITIL'?

  September 13, 2014      By Stefan Kempter      YaSM concepts   ITIL  

YaSM Blog: Is YaSM 'ITIL lite' or 'lean ITIL'?

When presenting YaSM to someone who has never heard of it before, I get frequently asked whether YaSM is a lean or light version of ITIL®.

YaSM is definitely lighter than ITIL (actually we decided to create YaSM because many of our customers looked for something lighter). But we don't want YaSM to be confused with what is often called "ITIL lite" or "lean ITIL" because we think the existing approaches are often flawed.

Lightweight versions of ITIL are usually about picking key ITIL components. There is nothing wrong with this in principle, but in many "ITIL lite" concepts, picking key components means selecting a number of "core" processes for implementation and leaving away the others. This is less than ideal.

Take service strategy, for example, which is often not among the core processes (the official ITIL Service Strategy publication is somewhat daunting, describing this topic in a lot of detail on some 450 pages; this may explain why many organizations treat service strategy as non-essential).

Yet it makes a lot of sense to have a service strategy in place even for organizations that want to go for a lighter or leaner version of ITIL!

For this reason, YaSM does not simply omit service strategy, but contains a streamlined and straightforward strategic process outlined in a few flowchart diagrams, plus a document template for the service strategy.

Note, however, that YaSM is a service management method that provides recommendations. Implementing a strategic process is by no means mandatory - but by describing a simple way of developing and implementing a service strategy we lower the barriers to introducing such a process, even in situations where an organization wants to implement a "light" version of ITIL.

The decision on which YaSM processes you choose and how you adapt them to your needs should be driven by your business needs.

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