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A new support portal for YaSM - we finally eat our own cooking!

  July 7, 2016      By Stefan Kempter      YaSM support   YaSM Process Map  

A new support portal for YaSM, complete with support community and YaSM knowledge base

We have been providing support to our customers for many years, and whoever needed our help typically sent us an email or called us on the phone. That worked well and customers in need of support were promptly taken care of.

But there are limits to working in this way.

I wouldn't quite say we were in "email hell", as they often call it, because our customers usually do not need much support.

Still, tracking the state of requests based on email is a challenge - and what's more, we are in the business of service management best practice, so we thought it is about time for us to eat our own cooking!

So we've now set up a proper platform for providing support

There are many options these days, ranging from the classical on-premise solutions to new offerings that run in the cloud, and we spent a couple of weeks exploring the different options.

We are a relatively small business and what we were looking for was not a complete IT service management suite, but an affordable way of setting up a support portal and managing our support tickets. That ruled out the big names in the field, such as BMC Remedy®, HP® or ServiceNow®.

In the end, we plumped for Freshdesk®, because it offers the most flexibility for running several support portals and adjusting their look and feel.

This allowed us to set up two YaSM support portals, one for our English-speaking customers, and another one in German, each with its own unique web address and content.

During the trial period we were also pleasantly surprised by the quick responses from the Freshdesk support - at Freshdesk they seem to eat their own cooking, too!

YaSM knowledge base and community

Configuring the portals took us a couple of weeks, and now we have a brand new, neatly designed YaSM support portal where you can search for knowledge base articles and raise tickets.

And if you have any questions about YaSM or want to share your insights and thoughts, please head over to the portal and join the discussions in the YaSM community.

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Author: Stefan Kempter


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