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Now that the design of the service management processes is complete, the processes are ready for implementation.


Setting up supporting infrastructure

If new or changed technical infrastructure is needed to support the processes, it must be acquired and deployed. The individual steps to be taken will depend on the type of infrastructure, so his project guide is not able to provide more detailed instructions.

The functional requirements for supporting infrastructure such as application systems can often be derived from the process designs - these specify the activities to be supported by the applications.

The definitions of the process inputs and outputs describe which data are to be processed by the systems. The incident resolution process, for example, generates incident records; any system supporting that process must therefore be able to handle such data.

Once the requirements are documented, it may be necessary to research the market and select suitable vendors of systems or other technical infrastructure. The product surveys published by the Gartner or Forrester Groups often provide a good starting point for this task (please refer to www.gartner.com or www.forrester.com).


Training and informing all relevant parties

This implementation guide made sure that as many parties as possible have been involved in the process design early on. In most cases, there should thus be no need to explain the new processes to the individuals with direct responsibility for their execution.

This notwithstanding, it may appropriate to train staff in the use and operation of new application systems. And clients may need to be informed, for example if a new 1st level support group has been established and as a result the procedure for raising incidents has changed.



  • Fully implemented and operational infrastructure to support the service management processes
  • Trained service provider staff
  • Informed customers.





Is based on: The YaSM Process Map. - Document: YaSM Implementation Guide.

By:  Andrea Kempter   and  Stefan Kempter Contributor: Stefan Kempter, IT Process Maps GbR, IT Process Maps.


Setting up supporting infrastructure Training and informing all relevant parties Results