The YaSM Process Map for ARIS

Our YaSM process model for the ARIS Process Platform™ illustrates the YaSM processes and provides a reference that can be easily understood and maintained:

Contents and product components

ARIS diagrams

The YaSM Process Map for the ARIS Process Platform: Service management reference process model for IT service management (ITSM) and enterprise service management initiatives.

If you would like to see full-size examples of these diagrams, please open the collection of screen shots from the YaSM Process Map for ARIS in PDF format.

RACI matrix

The RACI or responsibility matrix provides a summary of the YaSM roles' responsibilities in the various YaSM processes.

Our YaSM RACI matrix comes in the form of an ARIS matrix model. This means the matrix is automatically updated when roles are added to or removed from the process diagrams.


95 checklists in Microsoft Word™ format explain the YaSM key terms in detail. Typically, a YaSM checklist exemplifies the structure of the data or information contained in a document or record. Example: The checklist for the incident record explains what information is typically maintained for service incidents.

Checklists are available for every YaSM key term and are generic, i.e. applicable to most organizations.

Many checklists can be used as templates during your YaSM initiative. For instance, the checklists for service agreements can serve as a starting point when you need to create such agreements for your organization.

Accompanying documentation

Additional documents help you to get started with YaSM and the YaSM Process Map:

Special features for ARIS™

The YaSM Process Map for ARIS is specifically designed for the ARIS Process Platform™ by Software AG (formerly by IDS Scheer AG), making consistent use of ARIS features like object instances, attributes and hierarchically structured models, and an integrated RACI matrix.


YaSM ARIS reference process model: Schematic representation

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