The YaSM Process Map for Visio

The YaSM Process Map for Visio is a complete service management process model, used by service providers in the fields of ESM / BSM and IT service management. For each process and sub-process, the model defines in the form of Visio diagrams and flowcharts the activities to be performed, the service management process inputs and outputs.

The YaSM process model for Microsoft Visio® illustrates the service management processes and provides a reference that can be easily understood and maintained:

Contents and product components

Visio diagrams

The service management process model contains process diagrams and flowcharts in Microsoft Visio. The model is used in Enterprise Service Management, Business Service Management and ITSM.
  • Top-level diagram:
    The main entry point into the YaSM Process Map for Visio is the 'top-level diagram'. It presents a high-level view of the YaSM service management processes.
Visio overview diagrams for each main process in the service management process model. Level 2 of the YaSM Process Map for Visio (example).
  • 19 process overviews:
    Overview diagrams show for each main process how it is related to the other service management processes and what sub-processes it contains.
The upper part of the flow chart diagrams illustrate the service management process interfaces. Below, the diagrams contain swim lanes with process flows and process activities. Level 3 of the YaSM Process Map for Visio (example).
  • 102 flowchart diagrams:
    The top areas of the flowchart diagrams illustrate the process interfaces in detail. Underneath the top area, the flowchart diagrams contain one or several rows ("swim lanes") with a detailed account of the process activities.
The Visio process structure diagram with a complete overview of the service management processes is used for navigating the YaSM process model.
  • Process structure diagram:
    The process structure diagram shows the YaSM process structure on a single page. This diagram can be used for directly navigating to specific overview or flowchart diagrams on the main or sub-process levels.
The data object model provides a list of all service management data objects (process inputs and outputs). This Visio diagram provides an overview of the key relationships between the data objects of the YaSM model.
  • YaSM data object model:
    The YaSM data object model provides a complete overview of the key relationships between the YaSM data objects (documents and records). Its purpose is to facilitate an understanding of each object's relevance within the YaSM framework.
Visio object lifecycle diagrams are available for every data object in YaSM service management.
  • 77 object lifecycle diagrams:
    Object lifecycle diagrams are available for every YaSM data object. Their aim is to illustrate which YaSM processes create, update, read and archive particular YaSM objects, and how their status changes throughout their lifecycle.

If you would like to see full-size examples of these diagrams, please open the collection of screen shots from the YaSM Process Map in PDF format.

RACI matrix

The RACI matrix (responsibility matrix) for the Visio service management model is supplied in Microsoft Excel.

The RACI or responsibility matrix provides a summary of the YaSM roles' responsibilities in the various YaSM processes.

The RACI matrix is supplied in the form of an Excel® table. The process names in the column on the left are configured with hyperlinks; this makes it possible to open the Visio diagram for a particular process directly from the matrix.


Checklists (document templates) in Microsoft Word format provide detailed explanations of the various documents and records which are produced by the YaSM service management processes (YaSM Process Map).

95 checklists in Microsoft Word™ format explain the YaSM key terms in detail. Typically, a YaSM checklist exemplifies the structure of the data or information contained in a document or record. Example: The checklist for the incident record explains what information is typically maintained for service incidents.

Checklists are available for every YaSM key term and are generic, i.e. applicable to most organizations.

Many checklists can be used as templates during your YaSM initiative. For instance, the checklists for service agreements can serve as a starting point when you need to create such agreements for your organization.

Accompanying documentation

Additional documents help you to get started with YaSM and the YaSM Process Map:

Optional component

YaSM - ISO 20000 Bridge, example process. The diagrams of the Bridge relate the ISO 20000 standard's requirements (ISO/IEC 20000-1) to the process diagrams and checklists of the YaSM Process Map.

As an additional component to the YaSM Process Map for Microsoft Visio, the YaSM - ISO 20000 Bridge is available in English or German.

Special features for Microsoft Visio®

The YaSM Process Map for Visio was specifically designed to make optimal use of Microsoft Visio®. It includes

YaSM Process Map as BPMN XML templates

In addition to the Visio diagrams and upon request, we can provide the YaSM process templates as BPMN-DI compliant XML documents. These BPMN files can be imported into many business process management tools such as Adonis®, Signavio® or iGrafx®.


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