Webinar: Understanding YaSM Service Management

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What is the YaSM service management model, and how does the YaSM Process Map support your enterprise service management or ITSM initiative? - A webinar for all service providers that want to get started with service management best practices.

If you have questions about YaSM or the YaSM process model, please contact us - or register for a live webinar.

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Time stamps for this webinar

0:00:01  Intro to the webinar
0:01:15  The people behind YaSM

0:02:05  What's YaSM service management?
0:04:50  The YaSM process structure
0:06:22  Why YaSM?

0:07:11  How YaSM relates to other frameworks
0:07:40  Examples: Differences of YaSM and ITILĀ®

0:12:11  Intro to the free YaSM Wiki

0:14:08  The YaSM Process Map: Overview
0:14:29  The YaSM Process Map for MS Visio
0:15:24  Overview of the YaSM service management processes. - The top level diagram
0:15:40  YaSM main processes. - BPMN diagrams on level 2
0:17:44  Details: process activities. - Flowchart diagrams on level 3
0:20:14  Process shapes and shape data
0:21:10  Data objects, shape data and related checklists (document templates)
0:22:09  Data objects and related lifecycle diagrams
0:22:54  Process structure diagrams
0:24:28  The YaSM data object model
0:24:28  YaSM roles and responsibilities: The RACI matrix
0:26:33  Manuals, white papers and quick references as part of the YaSM reference model

0:27:50  Intro to the YaSM - ISO 20000 Bridge
0:28:08  Example: original ISO 20000 documentation
0:29:02  ISO 20000 requirements, related YaSM processes and evidence

0:31:45  How to adapt the YaSM process model
0:32:26  Visio master shapes
0:33:27  Excel repository and Visio add-in

0:36:30  Further information: Services and related links


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