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The YaSM® Process Map
For Visio®
Details: YaSM® Process Map for Visio
Details: YaSM® Process Map for ARIS
For BIC Process Design®
Details: YaSM® Process Map for BIC
Option: YaSM® - ISO 20000 Bridge
For any platform
Details: YaSM® - ISO 20000 Bridge

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Please note: All prices quoted are subject to VAT (rules regarding VAT will depend on the country where the client is located).

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Licensing model

Licenses to use our products are based on sites, where a site is defined as a single company location or a cluster of adjacent company locations within one geographic region of a country (see our general terms and license conditions). Each site is entitled to use the product without limitation of time, number of users and number of copies. Multi-site licenses are available upon request.

License holders are entitled to product updates, help with general questions on YaSM and technical product support. These services are included in the purchasing price for the duration of one year; support contracts are available to customers who wish continued support.

Please note: Our products do not include licenses for their target platforms (e.g. there is no Microsoft Visio® license included in the YaSM® Process Map for Visio).

Prices and payment

All prices quoted are subject to VAT (rules regarding VAT will depend on the country where the client is located).

When ordering through our online shop, credit card payments are processed by Stripe. We can also accept direct payments to our German bank account by bank transfer.


Once we receive your order, we personalize your copy of the YaSM® Process Map and get back to you by email within one business day. Our email includes your download link, license certificate and formal invoice. There is no shipping charge.


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