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Process models and document templates for every single ISO 20000 requirement: The "YaSM - ISO 20000 Bridge" makes getting certified against ISO 20000 a lot easier.

When creating YaSM, we took special care to ensure that it is perfectly aligned with ISO 20000 (ISO/IEC 20000).

So the process diagrams and document templates contained in the YaSM model make the huge task of designing ISO 20000 compliant processes for your organization manageable: As you prepare for the ISO 20000 certification audit, you don’t need to start with a blank page but are able to modify proven templates.

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When creating the YaSM framework, we took special care to ensure that it is perfectly aligned with ISO 20000, the leading standard for service management. And we offer a product called the "YaSM® - ISO 20000 Bridge" that makes getting started with ISO 20000 a lot easier.

The idea behind the Bridge is relatively simple:

We use the process diagrams and document templates from the YaSM® Process Map to show you how these can be applied to fulfill the ISO 20000 requirements.

ISO 20000 requirements

Let's first take a quick look at the original ISO 20000 document in case you don't know it so well.

It contains a long list of requirements, such as this one in the "Service level management" section: The service provider shall agree the services to be delivered with the customer. To comply with the standard, you have to fulfill all these requirements.

So in ISO 20000 we will find a lot of requirements but then ISO 20000 will not tell you precisely how you should go about fulfilling those requirements.

And that's were the YaSM® - ISO 20000 Bridge comes into the picture.

Structure and contents of the YaSM® - ISO 20000 Bridge

On a portal diagram you will find exactly the same structure as in the original ISO 20000 document - for example, Section 6.1: Service level management, as part of the Service delivery process.

Clicking on the link will take you to a diagram for this specific section with - first of all - requirements at the left. So here in this column at the left we have the complete list of requirements from the ISO 20000 standard that must be fulfilled.

Now the most important part: Next to every requirement we show one or several YaSM service management processes which should be in place to fulfill that requirement.

As you might guess already, clicking on the link on the process shape will open a diagram from the YaSM® Process Map, where we can see exactly what the process should be like. So in fact you get rather precise recommendations for fulfilling every single ISO 20000 requirement by implementing one or several YaSM processes.

We also need to take into account that your auditors will look for evidence that your processes do not only exist on paper and if you are able to present a couple of documents such as "Customer service agreements" in this case then you are usually in a good position.

To help you in this respect, the YaSM® - ISO 20000 Bridge tells you what evidence should be in place, and again gives you detailed advice: For example, the checklist "Customer service agreement" describes the typical contents of such agreements and of course you can use this as a template if you need to create this kind of agreement in you organisation.

More tips to comply with the standard

Now lets close the checklist and then let's take a look at the last column:

Here we explain precisely how the ISO 20000 requirements are related to specific YaSM processes. And of course you can add your own notes, for example to indicate what still needs to be done to fulfill a requirement.

Well prepared for the ISO 20000 audit

And if we move back to the left again you can see that next to every requirement there is a tiny circle. These circles can be used for color-coding. For example, green could mean that a requirement is fulfilled. In this way you can use these diagrams as kind of a dashboard as you prepare yourself for the ISO 20000 certification audit.

So much about the YaSM® - ISO 20000 Bridge.

I hope you will agree that it can accelerate your ISO 20000 initiative quite a bit because it provides detailed suggestions for every requirement,

  • in the form of some 120 process diagrams
  • and 100 document templates.

If you'd like to learn more about the YaSM® - ISO 20000 Bridge please get in touch with us!


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