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Process name: Manage human resources - Part of: Supporting processes

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Process description

The human resources management process in YaSM (fig. 1) identifies and provides the skills and levels of staff required for the service provider to achieve its objectives.

Once the set of required skills is established, the human resources manager will initiate suitable measures to acquire those skills, for example by organizing training and education programs or by recruiting new staff.

The skills available in the service provider organization are managed through the skills register, which describes the skills and lists the individuals who possess those skills.

Compatibility: YaSM contains a basic process for managing human resources, which highlights the most important HR management activities and describes the interfaces with the other YaSM processes. This process is aligned with ISO 20000, the international standard for service management (see ISO/IEC 20000-1:2018, sections 5, 6 and 7), and it corresponds to the practice of 'ITIL 4 workforce and talent management'.


The human resource management process in YaSM has the following sub-processes:

SP10.1: Identify the required skills
Process objective: To identify the skills which need to be developed, based on an assessment of the current set of skills and future needs.
SP10.2: Develop the required skills
Process objective: To define, organize and monitor training and education measures.
SP10.3: Recruit new staff
Process objective: To select and hire new staff in line with the service provider's skill requirements.

Process outputs

This section lists the documents and records produced by HRM. YaSM data objects [*] are marked with an asterisk, while other objects are displayed in gray.

Budget request
A budget request is typically issued to obtain funding for setting up, improving or operating a service or process. An approved budget request means that the required financial resources have been allocated by the financial manager. [*]
Skills development plan
The skills development plan is used to manage the acquisition of the skills required to deliver the service provider’s range of services. The addition of new items to the skills development plan is often triggered by the introduction of new services and/ or technologies. [*]
Skills inventory
The skills inventory identifies the skills required to deliver the service provider's current and future range of services, as well as the individuals who possess those skills. The skills inventory is an important tool for identifying areas where skills need to be developed or improved. [*]



[*] "YaSM data objects" are those documents or records for which the YaSM model provides detailed recommendations: Every YaSM object has an associated checklist (see example) describing its typical contents, and an associated lifecycle diagram depicting how the status of the object changes as it is created, updated, read and archived by various YaSM processes (see example).

"Other objects" are mostly informal data or information where YaSM has less strong views about their contents. There are no associated lifecycle diagrams or checklists.

Process metrics

Process metrics are used, for example, to assess if the service management processes are running according to expectations.

For suggestions of suitable metrics, please refer to the list of metrics for the YaSM HR management process.

Roles and responsibilities

Process owner: The human resources manager ensures that the service provider employs the right balance of staff in terms of skills and experience. The human resources (HR) manager is also responsible for identifying gaps in the organization's current set of skills and for organizing any required skill development initiatives, in line with the service provider's objectives.


Responsibility matrix: 'SP10: Manage human resources'
YaSM role / sub-process Human resources manager
SP10.1 Identify the required skills AR
SP10.2 Develop the required skills AR
SP10.3 Recruit new staff AR



Is based on: The human resource management process from the YaSM Process Map.

By:  Stefan Kempter Author: Stefan Kempter, IT Process Maps GbR  and  Andrea Kempter Contributor: Andrea Kempter, IT Process Maps GbR, IT Process Maps.


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