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Service improvement plan template. YaSM service management document templates and checklists (example).
Fig. 1: Service improvement plan
(YaSM checklist / document template)

Definition: The service improvement plan (SIP) is used to manage service improvement initiatives and report on their status throughout their lifecycle. There may be one service improvement plan for all services or dedicated plans for the various services managed by the service provider. The addition of new items to the SIP is often triggered by service reviews, although other service management processes may also suggest improvements to services.

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A service improvement plan (SIP) typically contains the following information:

Note: Some service properties may not need to be described for particular services (for example, if a service is not customer-facing, there may be no need to deal with complaints).


Service Improvement Plan (SIP) - Contents
Content Description
Name / identifier
The name and / or identifier of the service improvement plan (if there are several service improvement plans, for example for particular sets of services).
SIP owner
The individual in charge of the service improvement plan (this will often be the service owner).
Service improvement initiatives
Items in the SIP describe initiatives (projects or activities) aimed at improving a service. Service improvement initiatives are often required because the agreed service quality (e.g. in terms of availability, capacity or performance) is not achieved, or because better ways of providing a service have been identified. Typically, the following information is maintained for each initiative in the SIP:
  • Name and short description
  • Owner (the individual in charge of the initiative - often this will be a service owner)
  • Trigger (service improvement initiatives may be triggered, for example, by issues found during service reviews or customer meetings; suggestions for improvement initiatives may, however, be produced anywhere in the service provider organization)
  • Objectives (the initiative’s objectives should be described in a measurable way, so that it can verified after completion whether the objectives have been achieved)
  • Business case, including estimated costs and benefits
  • Detailed description of the initiative (or references to documents containing detailed specifications)
  • Time schedule or milestones (originally planned and actual dates)
  • Authorization status
  • Implementation status
  • For completed initiatives: Statement as to whether the initial objectives have been achieved.
This section may include references to other relevant information, for example service review reports which led to the improvement initiatives.
Additional information
Notes and additional information.

Document control information

As service improvement plans are controlled documents, they must contain document control information, as in the following example:

Service improvement plan: Document information
Document name ...
Status ...
Storage location ...
Distribution list ...


Version history
Ver­sion Ver­sion date Author­(s) Modi­fica­tions Autho­riza­tion date Autho­rized by
... ... ... ... ... ...


Status values and lifecycle

(This information is included in the lifecycle diagram for the service improvement plan contained in the YaSM® Process Map.)


  • Once an owner is determined for an item in the service improvement plan and authorization granted, the owner will be able to proceed with the initiative, typically by submitting a budget request to secure the required financial resources. For major initiatives, a project needs to be set up.



Is based on: YaSM "Service improvement plan" template from the YaSM Process Map.

By:  Stefan Kempter Author: Stefan Kempter, IT Process Maps GbR  and  Andrea Kempter Contributor: Andrea Kempter, IT Process Maps GbR, IT Process Maps.


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