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Service portfolio template. YaSM service management document templates and checklists (example).
Fig. 1: Service portfolio
(YaSM checklist / document template)

Definition: The service portfolio represents a complete list of all services managed by the service provider. Some of these services are visible to the customers (customer services), while others are not (supporting services, which can be provided with internal or external resources).

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A service portfolio typically contains the following information:


List of services

Every item in the service portfolio describes a (customer-facing or supporting) service managed by the service provider. Typically, the following high-level information is maintained for each service:

  1. Service name and identifier
  2. Short description of the service outcomes
  3. Service owner
  4. Service type (i.e. customer service vs. supporting service; for a supporting service, it must be stated whether the service is provided with internal resources or by an external service supplier)
  5. List of service versions or releases with their statuses (typically, services evolve over time, so there may be proposed, active and retired versions of the same service)
  6. Supporting services on which the service depends
  7. Reference to the service definitions which describe the service versions and their properties in detail
  8. Summary of planned or foreseeable changes to the service
  9. Notes and additional information.

Document control information

As the service portfolio is a controlled document or database, it must contain document control information, as in the following example:

Service portfolio: Document information
Document name ...
Status ...
Storage location ...
Distribution list ...


Version history
Ver­sion Ver­sion date Author­(s) Modi­fica­tions Autho­riza­tion date Autho­rized by
... ... ... ... ... ...


Status values and lifecycle

(This information is included in the lifecycle diagram for the service portfolio contained in the YaSM® Process Map.)


  • The purpose of the service portfolio is to provide an overview of the services managed by the service provider in the form of high-level information. As such, the service portfolio will contain a small sub-set of the information contained in the service definitions, and each item in the service portfolio will typically be associated with a detailed service definition.
  • The service portfolio is particularly important for managing the service interdependen-cies. As a rule, every customer service relies on one or several (internal or external) supporting services, which in turn may rely on lower-level supporting services.
  • Many organizations publish a "service catalog", a special view of the information in the service portfolio for current or prospective customers. Service catalogs are often "interactive", allowing customers and users, for example, to raise incidents or service requests. There may be several service catalogs, for instance for specific (groups of) customers or purposes.
  • Contractual commitments between the service provider and the customer are usually documented in separate service agreements, each of them associated with one or several services from the service portfolio:
    • A "customer service agreement" is put in place every time a customer signs up for using a customer service.
    • "Operational service agreements" are set up to govern supporting services supplied by internal units within the service provider organization.
    • "External service agreements" are set up to govern supporting services supplied by external parties.
  • If the service portfolio is not implemented as part of the configuration management system (CMS), it will typically have links to the CMS. The CMS should contain service CIs, so that services can be related to other types of CIs such as applications, systems and other infrastructure components.



Is based on: YaSM "Service portfolio" template from the YaSM Process Map.

By:  Stefan Kempter Author: Stefan Kempter, IT Process Maps GbR  and  Andrea Kempter Contributor: Andrea Kempter, IT Process Maps GbR, IT Process Maps.


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