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Service quality report template. YaSM service management document templates and checklists (example).
Fig. 1: Service quality report
(YaSM checklist / document template)

Definition: service quality report gives insight into the service provider's ability to deliver the agreed service quality. Most importantly, it reports on the service levels achieved in relation to the agreed targets, as specified in the service definitions. Service quality reports will also highlight any breaches of contractual commitments and exceptional events.

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A service quality report typically contains the following information:

Note: Some service properties may not need to be described for particular services (for example, if a service is not customer-facing, there may be no need to deal with complaints).


Service Quality Report - Contents
Content Description
Name / identifier
Service name and / or identifier.
Service owner
The service owner is the individual with ultimate responsibility for supplying the service in line with the service definition and any service agreements.
Time period
Time period covered by the report
Document distribution
A list of the recipients receiving the report.
Agreed vs. achieved service quality
This section contains a comparison of achieved vs. contractually agreed service quality, in terms of
  • Service levels, in particular
  • Service availability, as defined in the service definition
  • Service capacity and performance, as defined in the service definition.
  • Service functionality (features offered by the service).

In many cases it will also be appropriate to include a trend analysis, providing insight into how service quality changes over time or when service capacity limits will be reached.

Service incidents
If incidents such as service interruptions have occurred, these should be highlighted, including
  • Description of the incident
  • Root causes
  • Measures taken to resolve the issue
  • Measures taken to avoid similar incidents in the future.
Any other issues
This section should record any other issues regarding service quality that must be brought to the attention of customers, service owners, service improvement managers or other interested parties.
Need for action
If any areas were detected where corrective action is necessary, those areas should be stated together with a description of what is required to improve the situation. This information can then be picked up during service reviews and lead to service improvement initiatives.
References to other related information
This section may include references to other relevant information, for example statistical evaluations on which the service quality report is based.
Additional information
Notes and additional information.

Document control information

As service quality reports are controlled documents, they must contain document control information, as in the following example:

Service quality report: Document information
Document name ...
Status ...
Storage location ...
Distribution list ...


Version history
Ver­sion Ver­sion date Author­(s) Modi­fica­tions Autho­riza­tion date Autho­rized by
... ... ... ... ... ...


Status values and lifecycle

(This information is included in the lifecycle diagram for the service quality report contained in the YaSM® Process Map.)


  • Service quality reports are at times referred to as "service level reports". Reporting on achieved vs. agreed service levels is an important part of the reports but other aspects of service quality also need to be covered. This is why "service quality report" is the preferred term in YaSM.



Is based on: YaSM "Service quality report" template from the YaSM Process Map.

By:  Stefan Kempter Author: Stefan Kempter, IT Process Maps GbR  and  Andrea Kempter Contributor: Andrea Kempter, IT Process Maps GbR, IT Process Maps.


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